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    X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛落户申城(图)
    文:xbreaker   来源:xbreaker   时间:2007-3-19 22:14:32   点击:7742

    2007起亚X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛五月在沪隆重举行

        5月3日至5日,2007起亚X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛(Kia X Games Asia 2007)将在上海创智天地江湾体育中心隆重举行。本次赛事经中国极限运动协会认证,由上海文广新闻传媒集团(SMG)和上海市体育总会联合主办,得到特别主办方上海市杨浦区人民政府和场地支持方创智天地江湾体育中心的大力支持,并获得起亚汽车的冠名赞助。这将是X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛自1998年首次举办以来的第九届比赛,同时也是这项全球知名赛事首次登陆中国。
        X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛在亚洲乃至全球都拥有广泛的影响力。随着极限运动在中国的蓬勃发展,本次大赛选择中国上海举行,也将藉此赛事扩大该运动在中国的进一步普及,让更多的中国年轻人投入到极限运动的热潮中,从而培养一批世界级的极限运动选手。

    关于X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛

        X Games是全球极限运动界最负盛名的综合性赛事,被誉为极限运动的奥运会。第一届X Games锦标赛于1995年在美国成功举办。“X”代表着一种文化与生活时尚,它另类而饱含激情,惊险而充满挑战,是一股新鲜的都会潮流。12年以来,X Games已经推广至全球,活动遍及美国、欧洲、巴西、中东、泰国、韩国、马来西亚等地。每年八月在美国洛杉矶举行的X Games夏季极限运动会都吸引16万以上的参观人次,成为当地的年度盛事之一。
        首届X Games亚洲极限运动资格赛于1998年在泰国普吉岛举办。1999至2005年期间,X Games曾先后登陆泰国普吉岛、马来西亚吉隆坡与韩国首尔。2006年在吉隆坡举行的第八届X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛更是盛况空前,吸引了超过5万名现场观众。
        从2007至2009年,X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛将长期在中国举行。5月3日至5日期间,2007起亚X Games亚洲极限运动锦标赛将在上海市杨浦区创智天地江湾体育中心举行,并进行现场直播。更多详情,请参阅赛事的官方网站www.kiaxgamesasia.com



    Kia X Games Asia 2007 Comes to Shanghai in May

    Date:May.3rd -5th
    address:KIC Jiang wan Sports Center NO.346 GUO HE ROAD,SHANGHAI
    Price: 120Yuan (adult), 50 Yuan(student)
    Booking Hotline:962388
        The X Games, the world’s signature action sports competition will make its China debut in Shanghai from May 3-5. The event is proudly sanctioned by the Chinese Extreme Sports Association and hosted by Shanghai Media Group & the Shanghai Sports Federation. Shanghai Yang Pu District Government is special organizer and KICJiangwanSportsCenter is official venue. The event is presented by the Title Sponsor Kia Motors and it marks the ninth X Games competition to be held in Asia since 1998.
        Themed as X’PRESS WITHOUT LIMITS, Asian youth can enjoy the X Games by watching high-level action sports competition to be performed by more than 200 top athletes from over 20 countries and 5 continents. The three-day long competition features in-line skating, skateboarding, BMX freestyle and sport climbing, while Moto X will be a demonstration sport to thrill the Chinese audiences. During the event, there will be a live concert every noon, 2 “My Show” singers (Yu Siyuan and Wang Xiaokun) as well as “The Flowers, a famous ”Chinese band will give amazing performance. Sponsor Area with fun and interactive activities, and prize giveaways all day so that the audience can enjoy the culture of action sports.
        The Kia X Games Asia has already earned a high global reputation and there is significant progress in Chinese cities with action sports.This event in Shanghai will increase the popularity of action sports and encourage more Chinese youth to participate in these sports. As a result, an increasing number of Chinese action sports athletes will develop into world-class participants.

    About the X Games

        The X Games has been called the “Olympics” of action sports and is the most prestigious multi-event competition for action sports in the world. The first X Games competition was held in 1995 in the US. The “X” represents a kind of culture and life style, the fresh urban stream: alternative, passionate, dangerous and challenging. For the past 12 years, the X Games has been promoted globally, taking place in America, Europe, Brazil, the Middle East, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia. In August of each year, the Summer X Games in Los Angeles draws an audience of over 160,000 people and has become one of the most important events in the region.
        The X Games Asia was first held in 1998 inPhuket, Thailand. Between 1999 and 2005, the event traveled around Thailand, Malaysia and Korea. In 2006, the 8th X Games Asia attracted an audience of 50,000.
        From 2007 to 2009, the X Games Asia will be held in China. During May 3-5, 2007, The Kia X Games Asia will make its China debut in Shanghai. The event is proudly sanctioned by the Chinese Extreme Sports Association and hosted by Shanghai Media Group & the Shanghai Sports Federation. Shanghai Yang Pu District Government is special organizer and KICJiangwanSportsCenter is official venue. The event also enjoys high-level sponsorship support from the Title Sponsor, Kia Motors.




    责任编辑: Xbreaker

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