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    文:xbreaker   来源:xbreaker   时间:2008-4-19 12:04:16   点击:3753

    BIU President Hiroshi Hirano with China WBMC riders

      在2008金茂国际障碍单车大师赛即将举办之际,极浪体育网(以下称)对BIU主席平野博先生(以下称Mr. Hiro)进行了专访,以下为访谈实录。

     - 平野博先生,请给我们介绍一下WBMC?
    Mr. Hiro: 这次比赛结合了BIU室内赛和公开赛的形式,所有持有BIU参赛证的选手都可以参加(名额限制40名),全部采用人工赛道。同时比赛具有娱乐性,选手必须通过资格赛才能进入下一轮比赛。第一圈比赛将有20名选手进入下一轮,第二圈将决出10名选手,第三圈决出的4名选手进入最后决赛并产生前三名,奖金分别为3000、2000和1000美圆。可以说这次是18名中国顶尖选手与世界选手的对抗赛。

     - 这是中国首次举办世界障碍单车赛事,你如何看这次比赛?
    Mr. Hiro: 非常棒!非常棒!我在世界范围推广障碍单车运动,日本在1992年成为亚洲第一个举办世界锦标赛的国家,2006年是新加坡。希望中国也能举办世锦赛,而这次赛事走出了第一步。

     - 介绍一下这次赛事的选手?
    Mr. Hiro: 这次比赛有13名海外选手,分别来自欧洲的西班牙、斯洛伐克、法国,亚洲的新加坡、日本以及北美地区的加拿大的顶级选手,包括获得2次世锦赛Elite冠军的丹尼.柯马斯和1次世锦赛Master冠军的本.塞维杰。据加拿大代表介绍杰夫.安德森也是北美地区的顶尖选手,我们期待他的表现,也别错过观看日本选手寺井一希的比赛。

     - 这次比赛采用什么赛制?
    Mr. Hiro: 正如我刚才介绍的,这次比赛的规则是特别制定的,选手必须通过每圈比赛才能进入最后决赛。

     - WBMC将采用哪种赛道?
    Mr. Hiro: 我们会在赛道上应用一些材料,还提出了一些建议并会帮助组建赛道。我曾为日本16届世界锦标赛组建赛道,以及电视节目、世界室内赛等,没有发生过重大事故。赛道必须安全并具有观赏性,我想这次比赛会给选手和观众提供很好的赛道。

     - 比赛中观察员应注意那些要点?
    Mr. Hiro: 观察员在比赛中要保证公证性,观察选手的表现并作出判罚,不能确定的可以询问其他的观察员。判罚有时不是很容易,我希望他们能喜欢这项工作。

     - 中国选手在比赛中应注意些什么?
    Mr. Hiro: 选手都有自己的风格,各个国家也是如此。我看过中国选手的表现,通过对比可以发现需要改进的地方,当然也可以创建自己的个人风格。

     - 将来是否会在中国举办世界障碍单车锦标赛(WBC)?
    Mr. Hiro: 我想通过这次比赛可以得到最好的验证。

     - 你对中国障碍单车运动的发展有何建议?
    Mr. Hiro: 可以一步步来,我们应该有足够的梦想,给大众带来希望。

     - 非常感谢你的支持, 预祝比赛成功!
    Mr. Hiro: 谢谢,正如我所愿,我将尽力提供帮助使这次赛事成功举办,再见!

    Just before 2008 Jin Mao World Biketrial Master Cup(WBMC),Xbreaker(  as below) have an nterview with BIU President Hiroshi Hirano(Mr.Hiro as below).

     - Mr. Hiro ,Would you introduce 2008 WBMC for us?
    Mr. Hiro: For the BIU, it is a kind of new type competition put an indoor event and an open competition together. I mean the style is open competition and every body can make entry (need BIU license and the limit is 40) but all sections are man made (artificial). In the same time, it is an entertainment event and riders have to pass qualify to go the next lap. In the first lap, we will take top 20 from the results. In the second lap, we will take top 10 from the results. In the third lap, we will take top 4 from the results. And in the final these 4 riders compete for the final classification. Prize money for the winner is 3,000 USD. The second is 2,000 USD and the third is 1,000 USD. These will be given only to the riders on the podium. The forth will be nothing. In the other meaning, this is Chinese riders versus world riders. 18 top Chinese riders challenge to the 13 world riders.

     - What do you think about the first world biketrial competition in China ?
    Mr. Hiro: It is great. I am promoting Biketrial in the world. And in Asian area, Japan was the first country hosted WBC in 1992 (and continuing) and Singapore was the second country hosted WBC in 2006. I hope China will be the next one. And this event will be a very important for the first step for the future of Biketrial in China

     - Would you introduce the riders for us?
    Mr. Hiro: this time, we got 13 riders from overseas. Spain, France, Slovak from European area, Singapore and Japan from Asian area and Canada from the North American area. All riders are top riders in each country and represent their countries. Especially international Elite riders of the BIU like Dani Comas 2 times WBC Elite Champion and Ben Savage 1 time WBC Master Champion are very good. We do not know much about Canadian national Elite champion Jeff Anderson because he never participated WBC, but according to the delegate of Canada, This riders is top in the North American area. So we can expect his good riding. Also Terai from Japan is known as one of the most beautiful riding in the world. Please do not miss it.

     - How about the rules of WBMC?
    Mr. Hiro: As I informed you in the beginning, The competition system are special for this event. Riders must survive in each lap to go the final lap.

     - Would you introduce something about the sections?
    Mr. Hiro: Well, we decided some materials to use for sections in the meeting. I did some advices and I will help to set up. In my carrier, I have been making sections for WBC in Japan for last 16 years and also TV programs, world indoor cup, etc. the most important thing is there is not any big accident till now. The sections must be safety and spectacle. I think it will be no problem that we can provide good sections to the riders and spectators.

     - What’s important for observer in the competition ?
    Mr. Hiro: To be in neutral. Just see what happened and decide the judge. If not sure, ask it to others. It is not easy sometimes, but I hope they will enjoy it.

     - What should China riders pay more attention in WBMC?
    Mr. Hiro: Riders has their own riding style and also each country has their typical riding styles. I see this in Chinese riders also. You can check these and find something for you to improve. Or you can also try to built your won style if you check and find.

     - If WBC will be held in China in the future?
    Mr. Hiro: I think this event will be a very good test for that.

     - Do you have some advices to Biketrial development in China?
    Mr. Hiro: Step by step for all. As for the organization, we have to have dreams (as high as enough) to provide dreams to the people. No dream, no people.

     - Thanks for your support , and wish a great successes of WBMC!
    Mr. Hiro: Thanks! And that what I really want! I will do my very best for the people help WBMC. See you!

    平野博障碍单车与障碍摩托(Hiro's Trials Photos)

    2008金茂国际障碍单车大师赛专题(2008 WBMC Report)


    责任编辑: Xbreaker

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