Monty障碍单车发展历程(Monty History)
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  Monty单车公司(Monty Bicycles)由皮尔.皮(Pere Pi)于1983年创建,这位曾获得西班牙摩托越野、障碍及竞速等三个项目共9次冠军的摩托车手拥有25年的Montesa摩托车厂的设计经验,为创造Monty单车品牌打下了良好的基础。皮尔在Montesa当摩托障碍车手和设计师时曾给六岁的儿子奥特.皮(Ot Pi)设计了一辆摩托车,但奥特更喜欢单车,使其产生了采用单车的灵感,但遍寻不到适合障碍运动的单车。皮尔将标准单车拆去挡泥板、车灯等大块零件以减轻重量,换上宽把及厚胎后让奥特试骑,并很快发现单车同样适合于障碍运动。于是皮尔向Montesa公司老板Permayer提出生产障碍单车的要求,在得到支持后首款Montesitas的障碍单车于1978年诞生了,并且卖得不错。

Montesa T10

  随后与所有摩托车俱乐部和障碍赛组织联络,并以Trialsin命名这项运动与摩托运动区分开,1981年Trialsin联盟成立。1983年Montesa公司因劳资问题退出,皮尔与其妻子开始创立Monty单车品牌。由于当时自行车运动联盟不能接受障碍单车概念,1992年成立了国际自行车障碍赛联盟(BikeTrial International Union,简称BIU),总部设于日本,平野博(Hiroshi Hirano)出任主席。除了曾经辉煌的奥特之外,目前Monty旗下还包括Cesar Cañas、Dani Comas、Josef Dressler、Ján Sidlik、Václav和Kazuki Terai等一批新老车手,2006年末又将比利时车手Kenny Belaey招至麾下。

2008款Monty 221 Kamel

  目前Monty单车远销30多个国家,在日本和英国也非常流行,日本板取的障碍单车博物馆还收场藏了各种车型。Monty攀爬学校也为普及攀爬运动起到积极有效的作用。障碍单车运动随着选手技术的提高及新材料的应用不断改进,1988年油压刹车(Hydraulic Brakes)首次应用在攀爬车上,1992年出现了铝合金车架。Monty一直致力于前沿技术的开发和创造,制定领先的技术标准,目前产品包括障碍单车单车、山地单车、BMX单车、运动休闲单车及电动车等系列。




  Monty一直以来以其创新和先锋设计获得赞誉,成为世界单车设计领域的先驱。从皮尔的原始设计到现在的车型,技术革新是成功的关键。所有Monty单车都由自己的工程设计队伍设计,原Montesa摩托工厂的工程师Josep Vila领导团队应用最先进的计算机辅助设计,对每辆单车的各部件进行精确的计算和设计,以保证产品的功能和耐久性。


  Monty车架的生产须经过严格的程序,质量控制团队确保生产线的最终产品达到精确和强度要求,并由多年经验的工程师控制每个细节,包括喷漆工艺以保证品质。车辆在巴塞罗那的Sant Feliu工厂总装,装配线分为山地城市等标准车和竞赛车两部分,标准车和竞赛车皆由技术员工手工装配,并经过严格测试以达到质量标准。Monty的大部分车辆可以提供车架的终生品质保证。


Monty History

Monty Bicycles was founded in 1983 by Pere Pi, an enterprising person with extensive experience in motorcycles: 9 times champion of Spain in three specialities: motor-cross, trial, and speed. This, combined with an extensive knowledge acquired during 25 years as technical designer at Montesa motorcycles was the base for the birth of a prestigious brand: Monty Bicycles.

The first idea of a trial bicycle came when Pere Pi was trial rider with Montesa and designing trial motorcicles. He had designed a motorcycle for his 6 year old son Ot. Ot, however, preferred a bicycle, so Pere Pi set about finding a trial bicycle for his son. But no such bike was available anywhere.

Taking a standard bicycle as a base, Pere removed all the large components such as the fender, lights etc, leaving a lighter bicycle, and added wide handlebars and some wider tires for greater grip. Having prepared some areas for his son to practice it soon became clear that the sport of the trial would be possible with a bicycle.

Pere asked Sr Permayer, owner of Montesa, if they would be able to manufacture Trial Bicycles, and the answer was that if the Pere took care of everything there would be no problem. And thus they were born, the first Biketrial bicycles in the series, the famous Montesitas. They sold the lot.

Subsequently, contact was made with all the motorcycle clubs that organized trials. Quite a difficult task in principle. To choose the name of the new sport it had to differ from the Motorcycle, Trialsin was finally agreed. Contact was made with the confederacy of motorcycles and of bicycles to know which organization would be able to deal with the legal requirements. Finally, Trialsin was federated in 1981.

In 1983 Montesa had labor problems and subsequently ceased operations. It was then that Pere Pi together with his wife presented the idea to manufacture trial bicycles under the name Monty.

Later, as the philosophy of BikeTrial was not understood by the confederacy of Cycling, the BikeTrial International Union was formed in 1992. An organisation dedicated to the sport with its headquarters in Japan with Mr.Hiroshi Hirano as president. Since then two organizations now exist for this sport. BikeTrial international Union and The Federation of Cycling.

Monty has obtained many world titles thanks Ot Pi, ,son of Mr Pere Pi, and has been a perfect ambassador of Monty Bicycles and of the sport around the world. A perfect tandem: A designer, businessman and an exceptional sportsman.

At present the Monty competition riders are: Cesar Cañas, Ot Pi, Dani Comas,  Josef Dressler, Ján Sidlik, Václav and Kazuki Terai.

Currently, Monty Bicycles exports to more than 30 countries, with England and Japan being the countries where this sport most popular.
In itadori, Japan, BikeTrial is considered the national sport, there even being a museum dedicated to Ot Pi, where you can find all the models manufactured by different manufacturers up to this day.

The sport of the BikeTrial and the bicycles have changed according to the evolution of the riders. 1988 saw the first model of bicycle mounted with hydraulic brakes, and 1992 was the first trial bicycle made of aluminum.

Monty Bicycles continue to evolve and develop exceptional ideas and innovations, setting the standard by which others follow.

Monty Technology

Technology has played an important role in the development of Monty bicycles. Today´s enhanced development and testing tools enable us to do things that in the past were unheard of, and thus our latest bicycle designs are the most technologically advanced to date.
Monty has always been at the forefront of new technology. Our young design team, and technical experience ensure that Monty continues to create new innovations and to improve on existing designs.

Using the very latest technology we are able to produce prototype designs based on the very latest materials and test them to the very limit of their capabilities. This ensures that every Monty bicycle is of the very highest standard and meets our strict quality control requirements for
strength and durability.

Designing a Bicycle is no an easy task. At Monty, each frame is continually updated to incorporate advances in component technology and frame design.

Frames themselves are not just designed to be aesthetically pleasing. They should make full use of the base material, steel or aluminium, and create an end product that makes geometrical sense and can withstand the pressures required of it. With such a large range of components available to us it is often difficult to determine which is the best. For this reason our design team put each and every prototype through a whole range of tests using our own machinery here at our factory in Spain.

Monty Design

Monty has always been admired in the industry for its innovations, and its pioneering designs. Throught our history we have been recognised worldwide as a leader in bicycle design.

From the original designs by Pere Pi right up to our current models, innovation has been the key to our success.

Unlike many manufacturers, all Monty bicycles are designed in house by our own team of engineers and designers. This team, led by Josep Vila, an original engineer at motorcyles Montesa, uses the very latest in computer aided design to produce complex designs with minute accuracy.
Each bicycle comprises many different components, each of which has to be carefully selected and designed for each particular bike.
With an emphasis on functionality, durability, and design, this dedication to perfection has ensured that the Monty design team have won many coveted awards.

Monty Manufacture

The manufacture of Monty frames is a very precise procedure, carried out by skilled engineers with years of experience. At each stage of the manufacturing process the frame is checked to ensure 100% accuracy and strength. With a team of quality control personnel on hand to monitor the process, only the very best frames make it through to final assembly.

Even the painting of the frames is strictly controlled. With each and every frame carefully checked to ensure the correct procedure is followed and that the bicycle emerges in the very highest of quality.
The assembly of all Monty bicycles takes place in our custom built factory in Sant Feliu, Barcelona. The assembly line is split onto two areas, one for our standard range of cycles such as mountain bikes and city bikes, and the other for competition bikes.

Our standard production line comprises of an assembly chain where the bicycles are hand made from components right through to the final quality controls and packaging. Each and every bicycle is checked and tested by dedicated personel before it is finally declared worthy of the Monty name.

More specialised personel are employed in the competition bike assembly area. For competition grade bikes, accuracy is parramount. As such each cycle is hand assembled by a single engineer and tested throughout the process to ensure that it meets our strict quality standards.
When you purchase your Monty bicycle you can be certain that our assembly personel have taken great care to ensure that it reaches the highest possible standard.

Our controlled production environment means that unlike many manufacturers, we can now offer a lifetime frame guarentee on the majority of our bikes.


Monty障碍单车的革新(Monty's evolution)